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Palestinian Family Day

Saturday, 21 March 2020 at 5:00 PM

The event will include but not limited to the following activities:
- Welcoming and opening short speech about PHA
- Palestinian THOUB Fashion Show
- Bouncy Castle
- Short Speech about Palestine History
- AMTHAL (أمثال فلسطينيه) and Palestinian linguistic terms (competition with Prizes)
- Open Buffet Dinner, Drinks, and Coffee
- Live Songs (Deheih, Maijana …etc)
- Dabkeh Anybody can participate
- Photo booth (in Palestinian Fashion)
- Event closeout and wrap up
- Palestinian products offering and business promotions

More activities and surprises expected as well.
Please note that the above list is not sorted.
We encourage you all to bring your family members, seniors, youths and kids and enjoy the event.

For tickets, please contact:
- Mohammad AbdulRahim 403-354-0967
- Mohammad Al Bekaei 403-617-2021
- Bilal Abu-Qadoos 587-891-7750
- Riad Abeid 403-561-2442
- Yousef Jarad 587-500-1095